2015 CMA Field Trip


George Jacobs creates his own tree in The Wonder Room.

On October 29 and October 30, 2015 Columbus Museum of Art(CMA) docents welcomed a total of 171 Circleville Elementary School(CES) first graders to the newly expanded museum.  For the ninth year in a row Circleville City School Foundation(CCSF), specifically the Gasper Learning Fund, sponsored this field trip for Circleville City School students; however, this is the first year for this age group to visit CMA. Last year Circleville High School students toured the facility, and previous to that kindergarteners were treated to the experience.

The museum adventure consisted of three phases: 1) docent led exploration of some of the artwork in the facility; 2)a hands on activity created by the students in the studio; and 3)a lunch break followed by self-exploration time in the Wonder Room, where the students could draw, touch, build, dress up or just be creative in their own way.  Andi Hoskins, CES art specialist and CMA field trip coordinator, divided the students into small groups that were led by a docent and accompanied by a chaperone from either Circleville City Schools, the Circleville High School AP art class or the Foundation.


First graders design their own haunted houses.


A CMA docent leads a group of first graders on a tour of the newly renovated museum.

During the museum tour students were encouraged to observe how different artists used lines in their work. Docents reminded the first graders to observe, describe what they see, interpret what they observed by creating a story about it and prove that their story is in that artwork.  The tour exposed the children to a multitude of different art mediums from glasswork to sculptures to paintings and even recycled materials.


His ghost has been captured in his homemade contraption!

All students spent an hour in the studio creating their own masterpieces. Initially the youngsters drew their own haunted house with crayons on mural paper. Then the studio director asked the students to use their senses to create a device they could use to detect a ghost. Using a multitude of materials, such as, colored tape, paper funnels, plastic and cardboard bowls and plastic bottle caps the young artists let their imaginations run wild with their creations.

Circleville City School Foundation is proud to sponsor this art experience for these impressionable youngsters. It is our sincere hope that the students have been inspired to celebrate their own creativity.

Students being creative in the Wonder Room at CMA.

The Wonder Room is a place where children can explore.