CCSF purcCes art granthased the clay used during the 2014-15 school year at Circleville Elementary School in the art department.  Andi Hoskins, CES Art Specialist, ordered fifty pound boxes of white ceramic clay through Columbus Clay Company for the project.The school then paid for the tools and glazes needed.

Each child in grades k-2 created a clay medallion on day one of the project.  Mrs. Hoskins and her students discussed clay and its properties and also radial symmetry.  Students used small tools such as a wooden clothespin and screw to create a design in the clay “cookie” to create a symmetrical design.  Then Mrs. Hoskins scratched their initials in the back and placed a hole through the medallion for stringing.  Each medallion was bisque fired, painted by the student, and strung with beads to be worn home.  The kids were thrilled to wear the medallions!

In grades 3-5, each student created various types of pinch pots on day one of the project.  kilnThey watched a short clip from “The Clay Lady” in which she shows and discusses the properties of clay and the process of bisque ware, green ware, glaze ware.  Students were shocked at the analogy of the kiln reaching degrees as hot as a volcano.  Mrs. Hoskins also demonstrated how to attach by scoring.  Students created a pinch pot with the option of adding a handle, lid, second pot, spoon, etc.  They added their initials to their work and it was stored to air dry.  The bisque ware was kiln fired, glazed by the students, and then glaze fired.  The kids then took their treasures home.  The projects went very well and the students did a great job.

Bonus-  They have enough clay remaining to create another clay project during the 15-16 school year!  Thanks to Andi Hoskins for introducing this art medium to our youngest students.claycheck